Springboard®: an International Women’s Development program

What is Springboard® ? It is a 25 year-old international women’s development program, designed by women for women and deliver through a training of 4 days and a book with all the training material.

More than 600 women have followed the program in France for the last 10 years, and more than 200.000 all over the world, in several languages.

ALOMEY Consulting provides you with a team of consultants who are all international experienced trainers and executive coaches, and who have accompanied high potential women and executives in diverse industries (from luxury goods to research and innovation in high technology environments).

We currently deliver the training in FRENCH (in in-house sessions or public sessions in France) or in ENGLISH (on demand in in-house sessions).

The next public session in Paris in FRENCH starts on April 16 and is open for registration, please click here for the program and more details or contact us at : alomey@alomey.com


Want to know more details about the program?

  • It is a professional and personal development program designed for women by women
  • It exists since 1989:
    • More than 200 000 participants in the world
    • Regularly improved : 7th pedagogic version
  • 4 days of training over 4 months
    • 1 day per month
  • It received 3 Excellence Awards at the international level:
    • Diversity and Equal Opportunities Practice
    • European Women of Achievement Award Winners
    • Investor in People
  • It combines several learning ways :
    • Training: theory + exercises
    • Readings between sessions
    • Feedback on real life experience
  • It reached more than 25 countries and in 13 languages
    • Reaches new countries regularly


The participants can see results already at the end of the program after 3 months, and it has been proven that these results last over time and are embedded. Below are the statistics :

After 3 months :

93% take more responsibility

93 %

86% are more confident at work

86 %

84% have an improved effectiveness at work

84 %


After 2 years :

83% still have an increased confidence

83 %

78% are taking more initiative

78 %

75% have improved relationships

75 %


The results as see by the managers of the participants are the followings:

  • Have more self confidence
  • Have a more mature and positive attitude
  • Easier to manage
  • Communicate more assertively and effectively
  • Improved effectiveness at work
  • Improve customer or supplier relations
  • Present a positive image
  • Set an achieve clearer goals
  • Have increased personal motivation
  • Deal better with change
  • Take more initiatives
  • Are more realistic about self-assessment
  • Accept more responsibility for their development
  • Bring solutions not problems

The delivery of the Springboard program is done by a team of trainers who have the following specificities :

  • Certified trainers for Springboard
  • Certified Executive coaches
  • Several years of experience as coach and trainer
  • Several years of experience in multinational companies
  • International professional and personal experience (multicultural, native anglophone and francophones, work abroad)


The team of trainers at ALOMEY Consulting for Springboard®:


Axèle LOFFICIAL is an Executive Coach, expert in professional development and in women’s leadership.

After her degree at HEC Business school, she worked 15 years in international companies, amongst which Accenture where she worked as a consultant before becoming HR Manager and Recruiting Manager. She has worked and lived in France and in different countries (USA, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Latin America,…). She became an Executive coach afterwards, having completed her training with certifications in coaching.
As an Executive Coach, her aim is to help people develop their strengths within their organisation, in liaison with their personal background. She has therefore developed in France the international professional and personal training for women, Springboard, that has 20 years of existence and is present in 30 countries. This development has been done in relationship with Corinne Devery and Françoise Le Mouel, other team members. Having lived in so many different countries and having a multicultural background, she has a special interest in helping organization develop their diversity.


Françoise LE MOUEL is a certified trainer and executive coach and has several years of experience.

She has an degree in Engineering. Prior to being a consultant, she was an HR Director and Diversity Director in international companies (like Hewlett Packard in Grenoble. She currently delivers public sessions for Springboard in Grenoble and in-house sessions in French and English. She also has set up a special program to develop women in scientific and research environments.


Corinne DEVERY is British and has been working for many years in womens’ development, focusing on both professional and personal issues.

She has worked in several large companies on leadership for women, accompanying senior women in career development.  She introduced Springboard in France and was responsable for the translation and culturalisation of the programme. She is a professional coach, working with women in different fields. As a trainer, she specialises in diversity (intercultural and gender) and communication skills. She is licensed to use the psychometric tool «  DolQuest » for managers and is responsable for the supervision groups. She is also a certified trainer for Gagner En Impact® / Impactful Communication, in French and English. Corinne is the co-founder of the LKB school of Team Coaching.

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